Industry Experts

Colledges began as a one-stop shop for the automotive industry. Now, we’re a respected accounting, business advisory and financial planning solution firm servicing all industries. Whether your business is construction, transport, manufacturing, a service industry, dealership, primary producer or sole trader, we’ll work tirelessly to drive your vision forward. We pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships and being an extension of our clients’ businesses – offering business advice, taxation and accountancy services, best practice business systems, operational advice, and buying and selling services.

Automotive specialists

When it comes to the automotive sector, we have the competitive advantage of having worked in the industry at a senior level within both factories and dealerships. This is reflected in the quality of advice and support we offer to drive automotive businesses forward.

We have a detailed knowledge of the inner workings of dealerships and current developments in the automotive sector.

We have built an extremely strong network and profile within the automotive sector over many decades, which we leverage to offer our clients valuable strategic advice and opportunities. Our leaders have helped guide the industry throughout its most dynamic periods, and their advice and insights remain sought after today.

We’ve worked with and for automotive manufacturers, dealerships and associated industries from the beginning. We’re specialists that offer an inside understanding of your industry you won’t find elsewhere.

This gives us a unique wealth of knowledge, credibility with dealers and insight into all aspects of the automotive industry, including:

  • Buying or selling a dealership
  • Preparing heads of agreement and contracts
  • Detailed analysis of, and advice on, day to day operations
  • Advice on internal management reporting,
  • Operational advice (productivity and efficiency relating to dollars)
  • Ratio analysis
  • Stock value/unit value
  • Predictions for future